About Us

About Us:

When we started Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts in 2017 my husband was working in fashion with men’s custom shirts. We wanted to do something with the incredible fabric from his dress shirts when the cuffs or collars wore out and thought, “This is a cute idea.” Never did we imagine what it would become.

The shirts came pouring in and with them, their stories; at first, the doting daddy, the loving grandpa but then came the American soldiers who had given their lives for our country or fathers taken too soon. We quickly realized we weren’t just making children’s clothing, we were making family heirlooms, keepsakes and pieces that could be handed down from generation to generation. We are so blessed to have a business with so much love and meaning behind what we make. We thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us create such special pieces for your little ones. 

The woman behind the seams

Maria Cielo Mandaro is the creator and founder behind Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts. A fourth generation seamstress from the Dominican Republic, sewing and creativity are in her blood. Maria is mommy to Sophia Cielo and Penelope Luna the inspirations to this  growing company.


Where your Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts come from

Every one of our dresses is fabricated in our studio in Exmore, Virginia and is what we like to call handmade and heartmade - made by hand but also with a whole lot of heart. Each cut is made with the utmost reverence for what the shirt meant to the original wearer and every stitch thereafter is done with good old fashioned tender love and care for what we excitedly envision it to be for your little ones.


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Daddy's Little Dress Shirts 

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