Daddy’s Little Miss Confident
Daddy’s Little Miss Confident

Daddy’s Little Miss Confident

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The perfect match for your little girl who’s got oodles of attitude, truckloads of confidence and all the sass in the world. 


Featuring a collar that’s been kept as close as possible to as it was on dad’s shirt and with big and bold sleeves that are also almost as they originally were too.


A style that’s retained most of dad’s shirt and distilled its essence into her little dress. This is the dress for little miss fierce. She is confident for a reason, because she is Daddy’s little girl and she knows her dad’s got her back. 


Maker’s Sidenote: This design is one of my absolute favourites and one that was one of the most challenging as well since it stays true to the original shirt from dad in so many ways all through the entire transformation process.