It’s November! And there's much to be thankful for

It’s November! And there's much to be thankful for.

Wasn’t it just October? It feels like we blinked and it was gone. It’s now full speed ahead and we’re almost midway through November too. This year, 2020, has been a bit of a doozy to say the least but can you believe we’re almost at the end?

The weather changes. The seasons come and go. Seasons, even the spanish word for it, ‘temporada’, is a reminder of how temporary things usually are. As the wise say ‘This too shall pass’. But there’s a lot that still remains.

One of the biggest things that stick with me through the ebb and flow of every changing day,  month, and season is gratitude. Even with all the news and craziness around us sometimes we can still always find a lot to be thankful for. For me personally, my work is imbued with such meaning and joy that I cannot help but have a heart overflowing with gratitude. 

For the honor of transforming an item of clothing that is much loved into a slightly smaller item of clothing with bigger purpose and so much more intangible significance - for that I whisper everyday Thank You! Sometimes I even look up to the heavens and shout it out loud!